Welcome to Highland Perthshire Yoga and Wellbeing.  


We are a community group of experienced yoga and mindfulness teachers.  Our aim is to improve the health of the community that we work in.  We all teach regular weekly classes and came together not only to share our teaching experiences but also to share a common goal - getting yoga and mindfulness beyond the weekly classes to as wide an audience as possible within Highland Perthshire.



'Yoga is not just for athletes, popstars and supermodels. Yoga is for everyone: young or old, male or female, healthy or sick.  Yoga can always be adapted to your individula needs, whatever your circumstances.'  (Tara Fraser, yoga teacher and author)


Yoga can benefit everyone


We have  received funding that will enable us to offer free or subsidised blocks of classes to groups who would really benefit.  Do get in touch via contacts if you have a group who could benefit.  For details of funded classes running please go to the news  page.